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English Department first time stand on 1984,with Mrs. Gendrosari as a founding mother in English Department in IKIP. English Department stand because of, at the moment many people want to learn about English and in our lovely city haven’t English Department, and some people want to improve their English ability. When the first time stand, English department has around 100th student and 15th lecturer and now English department has around 700th student.
The reporter of Sunshine got gold opportunity in interview Mrs. Diani, she’s one of the older lecturers in English department, or we can say that she’s a senior lecturer in English department. Mrs. Diani said that “Now, English department is getting better and better, because the facilities and human resources of the student and also the lecturer in English department better then past. That make student can improve their ability in English, and all the lecturer always make warm relationship with the student, if in the class condition or in the during learning process they are lecturer, but when in the out side of class, they can be a friend or parents for English department’s student. And the important thing, that student and lecturer always support and always remind each other” she emplacing
Since the first time stand until now, English department has done three times changes of chief. The first chief of English Department is Mrs. Gendrosari as the founding mother of English Department in UNP, and than changed by Mrs. Diani, and changed by Mr. Hartono till now. English Department in UNP can we said that English Department is one of the great department in UNP, because English department always got student in the new season every years, and also got a lot of achievement. For example, in 1988, English department’s student sent to Canada for join student exchange as the UNP representative to join some even in around Kediri, and other best thing ever got.
1. Mrs. Gendrosari

2. Dra. Hj. Diani Nurhajati, M.Pd

3. Suhartono, M.Pd (Now)