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    Welcome to English is one of annual events that always-held in English Department. It is such a kind of routine activities or event in our department. It is usually held in every new academic year and the participants are all of the new students of English Department. So, it is much recommended for all of new students.
    Welcome to English is held outside of campus. For example, in 2007 and 2008 it was conducted in Waruturi Dam. This year we had it in Yonif 521 Kediri.
    It was a very interesting event. We had some fun activities and it gives us pleasure. For the new students of English Department, it will be unforgettable moment. By giving such kind of activities, they spirit is burned. It is a great idea created by English Student Association that is conducted by Mr. Suhartono and some of the lecturers of English Department.
    The purpose of Welcome to English is introducing the English Department to the new students. Including presenting the lecturers that will teach them, the subject and what they will get during studying in English Department of Nusantara PGRI Kediri University. This first edition also introduces ESA (English Student Association) as an organization of the student association of English Department.
    Welcome to English is one of interesting event that we have. It makes the relationship between the students and the lecturers closer. Moreover, it will become good beginning for all.