Widia Pradana Putri

University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri



The Covid-19 virus has spread throughout the world, including Indonesia, making learning in 2020 hampered. Therefore, teachers and students must adjust to online learning activities and choose applications that can be used for learning activities. Speaking as one of the language skills places the greatest emphasis on teaching English, including high school students. The students need more practice that is usually carried on in face-to-face learning process. This study aims to determine whether the use of the example non-example method is effective. This is a quantitative research that applied experimental research.  The research sample amounted to 24 students in one class at SMKN 1 Kediri. The data was collected using test as the instrument. The results showed that using the example non-example method students were able to get a good score. The average score result is 82 and it is categorized as effective.

KEYWORD: Teaching Speaking, Example non-Example Strategy, Google Class Meet.

336 – 343 |   ISSN: 2579-437X  |  Volume 7, 9 October 2021

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