Virgin Ginantika Sukahar1, Sulistyani2

University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri

virginginantikasukahar@gmail.com1; sulissulistyani@rocketmail.com2


The use of a Video Recording is considered to be one of the media that teachers can use as a medium for conducting assessments during the online learning system. The purposes in conducting this study are to know the implementation and benefits also weaknesses of using video recording as a media to assess student speaking ability. This is descriptive qualitative research using case study. This study was conducted during the internship I and III in one of senior high school in Kediri that involved 34 of tenth grade students and an English teacher as the participant. To collect the data, the researcher used observation and interview. The result of this study are 1) the implementation of using video recording as a media to assess student speaking ability were administered in three phases, then the teacher assess pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension,  2) the benefits of using video recording includes the flexibility of the teacher to assess students’ speaking ability wherever and whenever, videos could be played back, and the students performance could be seen in the video  3) the weaknesses of using video recording includes the lack of the teacher to give examples directly, give direct explanation, ask the student directly, and ensure whether the students were really fluent or not since it was not visible in camera.

KEYWORDS: Online learning, Speaking Assessment, Video Recording

320 – 328 |   ISSN: 2579-437X  |  Volume 7, 9 October 2021

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